Pillowman! Friend to all!

Now, you, too, can combat evil and injustice, and maybe a lack of sleep with your very own Pillowman!

Sara Hickman is making and selling Pillowman Action figures! Well... actually a stuffed toy disguised, and just about as big as, a mild-mannered throw-pillow with arms and legs, and the darn-cutest face a pillow can legally have.

And how can you, the discerning would-be Pillowman owner, get your hands on a Pillowman stuffed toy? Well, just send $35 (that's $30 for the Pillowman and $5 for P&H) to SaraLoo's mailing (PMB) address, which is
Sara Hickman
PMB 412
3005 S. Lamar Blvd.
Ste D-109
Austin TX 78704

and have a genuine SaraBlessed SuperPillow on your side for your next pillowfight!

Sara defines the elusive Pillowman!

Aha! Here's a peek at Sara's very own Top-Secret Notebook
containing a bunch of Action Poses for the wiley Pillowman!

Thanks to our undercover agent, Max, for this revealing exclusive.

Pillowman™ and the Pillowman distinct likeness and manner is trademarked (TM) and copyright © Sara Hickman.